Walkie Chalk-Stand Up and Draw!

sidewalk chalk holder for kids walkie chalk

Here at AllThingsChalk.com, we are always on the lookout for new and creative chalk products, and we want to share with you Walkie Chalk™. What is Walkie Chalk? It is a brand-new sidewalk chalk holder that is on the market and it’s about to go nation-wide in the next few months. Walkie Chalk takes the idea of a sidewalk chalk holder to a whole new level by adding tubes to a chalk holder, thereby allowing kids and adults to play with chalk without having to bend down.

We had our kids try out Walkie Chalk, and they loved it! Here’s our hands-on review.

How Does it Work?

sidwalk chalk holder stickwalkie chalk sidewalk chalk holder wand

By using a patented foam technology, Walkie Chalk works with both round and square sidewalk chalks. There are two extension tubes included that make Walkie Chalk 36 inches long. These tubes can be put together and taken apart quickly. There is also an opening to easily remove old chalk and insert the new one. Our testers were 6 and 4 years old. My wife figured out how to use it without reading the instructions, and in less than 30 seconds, she had put together Walkie Chalk. My kids were eager to try it out.

walkie chalk sidewalk chalk holder for kids

My son wanted to make a Hopscotch grid and easily drew out the game. The fact that he could stand to draw made it easier for him to create even lines and squares. He could draw it so much faster using Walkie Chalk, and “fast” is the way my son likes to do things. Later, he decided to hold the Walkie Chalk behind him as he ran around making a trail wherever he went. That trail soon became a road that he followed riding his bike. Another appeal for him was that Walkie Chalk made a great imaginary light saber, although I don’t think it was meant for that!

walkie chalk sidewalk chalk holder

My daughter loves arts and crafts and never gets tired of chalk. She was thrilled to use Walkie Chalk, and drew her signature picture of a “Happy Sun.” One thing we always have to contend with during our hot summers is the super hot pavement. My daughter who wants to be wearing a skirt or princess dress at all times has to protect her legs on the pavement. Not a problem with Walkie Chalk!!

My wife helps my kids with their school work, and thinks of creative and fun ways to engage them in learning. One way she is able to use Walkie Chalk is when the kids practice writing their letters. The kids have fun with it, and she appreciates that she doesn’t have to squat or sit on the ground to teach them. With that thought, I wish my wife would’ve had this product during her pregnancies! Bending down and getting up was always difficult, and the kids would often want her to draw chalk pictures with them.

Walkie Chalk is made to fit the large sized chalk sticks, and we found this to be true. I will add, however, that we had a box of Alex multi-colored sidewalk chalk, and at first the chalk kept slipping out of the foam opening. As I was trying to figure out the problem, I noticed that the Alex chalk we had was actually a contoured chalk, and I never noticed it. One side was regular thickness, and the other side was thinner – I guess to imitate a pencil or crayon. Once we turned it around to the thick side it worked perfectly, and we haven’t had a problem since. I thought I should note that in this review since I was surprised that I never noticed a difference in the Alex chalk sticks compared to others we’ve had.


The packaging was very professionally done, and the quality was great. It was easy to open and included 2 chalk sticks. We tested the lime green walkie chalk, but there is also a tropical teal color as well. Walkie Chalk was larger than we expected, which is perfect for what it’s built to do. It can be put together in just a few seconds.

Where to Buy Walkie Chalk

walkie chalk sidewalk chalk holder
Walkie Chalk is $14.95, and you can buy the green Walkie Chalk by clicking here and the teal here. Also, be sure to “Like” Walkie Chalk on Facebook or follow Walkie Chalk on Twitter @WalkieChalk.