Spray Chalk – Where to Buy and How to Make

Spray chalk is a great way to create art or to have fun outdoors. It can be homemade or bought as chalk spray paint. Below, we show you several brands of ready-made chalk paint spray and also a way to make your own at home.

Spray Chalk Paint

Chalk paint spray can be used in many ways. It can help mark a garden, outline a temporary sports field, or create a work of art. This spray marking chalk is great for outdoor marking:

Spray Chalk Marking
Marking Chalk Spray

Marking Spray Chalk

There is also an optional attachment that helps with marking:

Hand Held Applicator for Spray Chalk
Chalk Spray Applicator
Hand Held Applicator
Hand Held Applicator for Spray Chalk

This particular chalk spray offers a variety of colors that can be used for outdoor activities or for artwork:

Chalk Spray, Spray Chalk
Chalk Spray for Artists and Outdoor Activities

There is also this chalk spray that makes surfaces able to be used as a black board.

Chalk Spray Chalkboard
Chalkboard Spray

How To Make Homemade Spray Chalk

Homemade chalk spray is relatively easy to make,  is washable and safe to use. You will need the following materials:

Spray Bottles
Corn Starch
Baking Soda
Food coloring, tempura paint or washable watercolors
Stirring stick or butter knife
Optional: squirt bottles


1. Fill the spray (squirt) bottles a third of the way with a mixture of corn start and baking soda with equal parts of each.
2. Add coloring (food coloring, tempura paint or washable color). You can add a few drops at first and then add more if you desire a deeper color.
3. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with warm water.
4. Use a stirring stick or butter knife to stir the mixture well.
5. Place the spray spouts on the bottles and shake well as the corn starch tends to settle at the bottom

Other variations: Use ½ cup of water and ½ cup of cornstarch with powdered tempura paint.

Hint: Using spray bottles makes the mixture last longer than using squirt bottles.

Keep in mind that clogged bottles may mean that the inner tubing is touching the bottom. Cut a small piece off the tubing to fix this. If you would like to purchase materials online, click on the blue highlighted items on the list above. Have fun!