Window Chalk – Buy or Make At Home?

Window chalk is a non-permanent material that you can wash off that can be used to decorating glass, whether at home, on a vehicle. However, glass chalk is not made of chalk, as traditional chalk is, but rather, it’s a liquid substance that is safe on windows. It can be easily washed off with soap and water.They are really window markers. Below, we discuss store bought versus home made window chalk.

Where to Buy Window Chalk

Glass chalk markers are sold by craft stores, retailers such as Walmart, and online stores like Typically, a single color window marker runs anywhere from $3 to $8 USD or up to $25 for a set. Here are some examples:

Window Chalk
Window Chalk Marker

This window marker will work well in any car or home window. You can purchase it here.

If you are looking for a combination of colors, this set is a great option:

Window Market Set
Window Chalk Set

For more information on this set, please visit this page. This type of marker also works well in other surfaces such as whiteboards and mirrors.

Keep in mind that some of these ready-made markers are designed to work on glass only. They may not be suitable for other surfaces such as car paint. Please check the descriptions before purchasing.

How to Make Window Chalk

Perhaps you are looking for a unique color not offered by ready-made markers. The solution is to make your own window chalk. Here are two methods of making your own chalk:

Method 1: 



  1. Pour diswashing liquid into cups. You will need cups for each color you are making.
  2. Add proper amount of tempura paint. Ratio of paint to dishwhasing liquid should be 1:2
  3. Mix the dishwashing liquid and paint with the popsicle stick

Keep in Mind:

  • Use different brushes for each color
  • Clean off window glass with a wet paper towel or cloth
  • Avoid wooden surfaces such as window sills

Method 2:



  1. With a cup or container for each color, grind the sidewalk chalk with the mortar and pestle. (You can also grid the chalk in a plastic bag withe a hammer or mallet). Another option is to use white chalk and add coloring.
  2. Place the ground chalk in each paper cup per color and add dish soap. Ration is 1:2. (For example, if you have 1/2 cup of chalk, add 1 cup of dish soap). For more colors, add tempera paint or food coloring.
  3. Stir the mixture with the popsicle stick or plastic spoon until the consistency is smooth. It should be the same as regular paint. For a thinner more transparent paint, add more detergent. For a thicker more opaque paint, reduce the amount of soap.

Keep in Mind:

  • Use different brushes for each color
  • Clean off window or glass with a wet paper towel or cloth
  • Avoid wooden surfaces such as window sills

Which one is better?

So which one is better? It all depends on whether you want to spend the money on a ready-made glass chalk or if you want to spend the time creating your own. If you have kids, you may want to make it a project that you can all do together. If you are in a hurry and want to surprise someone, the marker is probably your best option. Either way, window chalk is a fun way to celebrate any occasion.