Types of Chalkboards

Chalkboards come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Depending on their material, they can be used with chalk, markers, or both. Below are some types of chalkboards that are very good quality. You can click on the photo for more details or to purchase.

Mini Chalkboards

1. 8 1/2 in. X 11 in. frame mini chalkboard

Mini chalk board

chalkboards mini chalkboard

2. Decorative Small Chalkboard,  Chalkboard Sign (10.5 in X 6.5 in)

Small Hanging Chalkboard
Decorative Mini Chalkboard

Kitchen Chalkboards

These can be hung or attached to the wall. Others are “peel and stick,” which means that they are easy to clean and can be put on a variety of surfaces. They are also referred to as chalkboard signs: 

Kitchen Chalk board
Decorative Kitchen Chalkboard, 13.25 in X 24.5 in
Adhesive Peel and Stick Chalboard
Peel and Stick Chalkboard Set, 9 in X 12 in per rectangle
Chalkboard Wall Sticker
Chalkboard Wall Sticker, 18 in X 6.5 ft

For more options and styles, please visit this page.

Kids Chalkboards

Much variety here from briefcase-size to traditional easel size, as well a shaped chalk stickers:

Plastic  Chalkboard:

kIds chalkboard, kids chalk board, kids chalkboards
Kids Chalkboard and Magnetic Board Combo with Letters

Kids Chalkboard and Magnetic Board

Wooden Kids Chalkboards

Kids chalboard, kids easel
Kids Blackboard and Easel Combo
Kids chalkboard, kids chalk board
Combo Easel and Chalkboard for Kids
small kids chalk board, small kids chalboards
Small Kids Chalkboard

Chalkboard Stickers

Kids chalkboard sticker, kids chalk board
Butterfly Chalkboard Sticker
kids chalk board, chalkboards for kids, sticker chalkboard
Car Chalkboard Sticker

Desk With Chalkboard

kids chalkboard, kids chalk board, kids chalkboards, desk with chalkboard
Wood Desk With Chalkboard

For more options, please visit this page.

Large Chalkboards

Chalkboards, Chalk board, chalkboards, chalboard
3 ft X 4 ft with Metal Frame

Other sizes for this model are 2 X 3 ft and 4 X 6 ft. It has a metal frame. To find out more information or to purchase, visit this page.

chalkboard, chalkboards, chalk board, chalk boards
Blackboard with Oak Frame, 3 ft X 4 ft

This blackboard also comes in 2 ft X 3 ft. You can visit this page for details.

chalkboards, chalkboard, chalkboard with stand
4 ft X 6 ft  with Stand

Specialty Chalkboards

magnetic chalkboard, chalkboards,
This board is 3 ft X 2 ft and has a wooden frame

These are just a few examples of the types and sizes available. To find even more options, visit this page.